Celebrate Your Day with Creative Cakes from the Black Cat Bake Shop


At the Black Cat Bake Shop we strive for the very best in all things pastry, and our wedding cakes are a testament to that!  We believe a wedding cake is more than just flour, sugar, butter and eggs.   A wedding cake should showcase your personality while representing your love and commitment for each other in beautiful edible art!   Let our chefs use their creativity and passion to create a wedding cake for you that is the perfect marriage of exquisite taste and elegant design.

The Black Cat Bake Shop is here to help make your special day go smoothly.  Our affordable cakes are made with the freshest, all natural ingredients available for fantastic taste and beautiful presentation!   If you can dream it, we can create it!  We offer many different options for creating a custom cake that is perfect fit for your wedding celebration.  

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